# Ohn Chai, Yutaka investigated modulus of elasticity, strain and tear energy of VPS, polysulfide and polyether and concluded that high strain tolerance of PVS allows their removal without distortion from undercuts. The high tear energy of polysulfides indicates their superior resistance to tear in thin sections

Volume 15, Number 2, 2002 183 The International Journal of Prosthodontics.

# Alvin G. Wee evaluated the accuracy of solid implant casts fabricated from different impression materials (Polyether, AS, CS, polysulfide) and concluded that polyther (medium) was recommended for direct implant impression

# Shirley, John H Park and Daneil E. Tira compared  the accuracy of one step putty wash with two step putty wash of addition silicone impression. They found different was not significant.

J Prostho Dent 2010;103:228-239;

# Kern and Reinhold tested the influence of disinfectants (MD/520 and impresept) on the accuracy of reversible hydrocolloid and found accuracy change was not significant.

j.of prostodontic 1993 Nov;70(5):449-56

# Willium Heisler and Anthony evaluated for dimensional accuracy and bond strength of irreversible hydrocolloid with reversible hydrocolloid system and found that accuracy was suitable for clinical use and bond strength was similar to tear strength of reversible hydrocolloid.

J Prosthet Dent. DOI:10.1016/0022-3913(92)90369-L

# L.W. Carlyle evaluated compatibility of irreversible hydrocolloid with three dental stones (Die keen, Quick stone, Hemihydrate). Results showed that Die keen was most compatible.

J Prosthet Dent. 1983 Mar;49(3):434-7.

# Paul, Gardener and Steven conducted a study to evaluate the effect of storage time in a 100% humid environment on the accuracy of gypsum casts poured from reversible hydrocolloid impression and concluded that reversible hydrocolloid can be stored in 100% humidity for 60 minutes before pouring.

(J Prosthet Dent 2001;86:244-50.)






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